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COVID-19 Statement on the 2020 Bee Season

I have received several inquiries from our loyal customers, as our nation prepares for the COVID-19.  I deeply appreciate the feedback that I have received in those conversations.  I want to take a moment of your time and let you know we have been preparing for this virus since January 2020.

Mountain Sweet Honey is prepared for more stringent enforcement of quarantine here in Georgia and throughout our nation.  Yesterday, Georgia ordered a “shelter in place” order mostly focused on large gatherings and the elderly.  We also believe most of the nation will be under some form of quarantine by early April.

Currently, Georgia has no discussions on quarantines.  The Department of Homeland Security exempts a business that is agriculture based.  We hold a Commercial Beekeepers License issued by the Georgia Department of Agriculture which will exempt us from the quarantine order, if the order is issued.  We firmly believe that Georgia will join other states that are in quarantine and have an Agricultural exemption that will allow us to proceed as business as usual.  We have and will be in contact weekly with the Georgia Department of Agriculture, United States Postal Service, and UPS to identify any and all issues that may arise.  In fact, yesterday, the Atlanta Regional Managers for USPS came and met with me and we see no issues with USPS or UPS on delivering our bee packages for the 2020 season.

Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security also exempts transportation companies like USPS and UPS.  As most already know, we utilize USPS and UPS to deliver our bees.

Perhaps, you selected to come and pick up your bee package and you have decided to not come to pick them up, we will ship them to you for the cost of shipping.  We do need a 2 week notice, if you choose to have them shipped.

We have also taken steps to protect our dedicated employees during this time.  If you visit our store, you will find us with N95 face mask protection.  We believe in keeping our employees safe and healthy.

We do expect to run low on some products due to global manufacturing down time prior to and during the quarantine.  We are still shipping beekeeping supplies.

We are in this together as Americans and as beekeepers.  We will endure through this hard time together.

We look forward to serving you and your beekeeping needs this season and beyond.

Thanks again,


Ray Civitts


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