Mountain Sweet Honey


Bee stress

Mid-Summer Hive Inspection

This is a very important time to inspect your hive. For many in the Southeast, you have already pulled your honey frames and have already

Hive management

What is a nectar flow?

Plant nectar is a very important part of our bee’s daily life and the colony. Most plants have a certain time each day when the

Hive management

When do you add a honey super?

You have just placed your package of bees or nuc into your deep hive body. Now you wonder when should you place your next honey

Hive management

Installing a Package of Bees

Installing your package of bees is a very important first step in having a successful start to beekeeping.  

Honey Processing

When do I harvest my honey?

How do I know if my honey frame is ready to be extracted? This is an important question we receive during this time of the