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Beginning Beekeeper

Want to Start Your Own Bee Hive?

What You Need to Know, and the Beekeeping Supplies You’ll Need, to Become a Successful Beekeeper Honeybees are among the most essential animals in our

Hive management

What should a beekeeper do in December?

December brings changes to the colony which are interesting to the beekeeper.  December is also a challenging month for all beekeepers regardless if you live

Hive management

How do essential oils help our honey bees?

Essential oils are concentrated hydrophobic liquids. They have different aromatic compounds and are extracted from plants. Using essential oils in beekeeping helps beekeepers avoid applying

Bee stress

Mid-Summer Hive Inspection

This is a very important time to inspect your hive. For many in the Southeast, you have already pulled your honey frames and have already

Hive management

What is a nectar flow?

Plant nectar is a very important part of our bee’s daily life and the colony. Most plants have a certain time each day when the

Hive management

When do you add a honey super?

You have just placed your package of bees or nuc into your deep hive body. Now you wonder when should you place your next honey

Hive management

Installing a Package of Bees

Installing your package of bees is a very important first step in having a successful start to beekeeping.  

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