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Mountain Sweet Honey Company

Our success is deeply rooted in providing exceptional honey bees and offering outstanding customer service through our call center.  We are deeply committed to utilizing organic methods in treating our bees. 

Our Customer Service staff are knowledgeable beekeepers that can offer solid beekeeping advice from the beginner to the most experienced beekeeper.

We are committed to shipping all customer orders that are placed before noon EST.  This means we will be fully stocked with beekeeping supplies. 

We are also committed to be Eco-Friendly in re-using materials that come with being an internet based company.  We will recycle packing for boxes and recycle computer equipment.

Ray Civitts


Ray's Journey

My journey into beekeeping began with a beekeeping course at North Georgia Technical College.  This hobby began with four hives.  My hobby began to grow, almost immediately, as neighbors and friends, wanted local honey for medicinal purposes.  Almost immediately, I started to receive phone calls from Metro Atlanta seeking bee packages and nucs.  We grew 50 nucs our first season.  Now we sell over 750 nucs each season.

Before I knew it, I had 8 hives and then 16 hives to keep up with the demand for local honey.  This eventually grew to over 500 hives.  The next challenge was to meet the demand for beekeeping supplies and honey bees.   

My home was quickly over come with the garage being my warehouse/store and several rooms in the house used for storage for the first three years.  The next step was to purchase a 5,000 sq. ft. building to grow our small business.  I never thought we would utilize the entire building and thought I would only use half of the building.  As this hobby grew into a full-time business, it was time for me to leave a 25 year career in commercial banking and take the business to the step.  Within a year the entire building was being fully utilized.

In 2017, we became the #1 shipper on honey bees on the east coast and mid-west.  We could not have grown without repeat orders from our loyal customer base.  We could not have grown without very dedicated employees.  During peak season we employ 19 people within our community.  Our shipping crew also does an excellent job.  From crating all shipping order to labeling to sorting the shipment to loading the shipment it takes dedicated employee’s.  Our employees work in the rain and late in the early morning hours to ensure your bees are at their peak freshness when shipped.

In 2019, we added additional warehouse space to allow us to purchase beekeeping supplies in full truck loads.  I hope to have the warehouse completed by October 2019.  We are also beefing up our main frame to better serve our customer base.

Through the years, we mastered the logistics of shipping honey bees to 31 states.  In 2020, we are expanding our operations Coast-to Coast with shipping honey bees and products.  In 2020, we will also expand our honey bee offerings to include Carniolan and Russian bees.  Today, we carry over 350 beekeeping items and adding new items each month!

We may not be as big as the big box beekeeping suppliers but we make that up with shipping products within 1 business day.  We also work very diligently on keeping our inventory well stocked and try to never run out of any item.  

Thanks again for your beekeeping business!

Ray Civitts


Every successful company has rock solid employee's.
We are no exception!

Kendra is the Assistant Operations Manager and is responsible for all aspects of our business which includes: Bee Days, Retail Operations, and Inventory management.

Aubrey is responsible for booking all bee orders for the entire season, ensuring all shipped orders go out on-time.  She also assists in her spare time with our call center. 

Cinnamon is responsible for all out going shipments and will ensure your order is correct and shipped within 1 business day.

Debara is in the Customer Call Center and is glad to serve you and your beekeeping needs.

Diana also serves in the Customer Call Center and looks forward to assisting you with your order.



Assistant Operations Mgr.


Order Scheduling




Customer Service


Customer Service