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Bee stress

Mid-Summer Hive Inspection

This is a very important time to inspect your hive. For many in the Southeast, you have already pulled your honey frames and have already

Hive management

What is a nectar flow?

Plant nectar is a very important part of our bee’s daily life and the colony. Most plants have a certain time each day when the

Hive management

When do you add a honey super?

You have just placed your package of bees or nuc into your deep hive body. Now you wonder when should you place your next honey

Hive management

Installing a Package of Bees

Installing your package of bees is a very important first step in having a successful start to beekeeping.  

Hive Bearding – Video

Why is it so important for your hive to beard on warm Spring and Summer days?  Watch this video for the many forms of bearding.

What is a Honey Bee Swarm?

A “cloud of bees forming a swarm is a spectacular sight.” What happens in a honey bee swarm? When a colony grows to a certain

Hive management

Commercial Nuc Yard

Today, we finally finished what we began in November.  We opened a new Nuc yard with approx. 140 new nuc boxes to raise our bees

Beginning Beekeeper

Internal Warmth of a Bee Colony

We just had an unusual snowfall here in Northeast Georgia.  Just a few days prior, the temperatures were in the sixties! This kind of up

Hive management

The Beekeeper’s Bucket

When you’re ready to go out in the beeyard to inspect your hives, you choose the tools you think you may need, then toss them

Proper Hive Placement

The picture above is a great picture for new beekeepers to understand the importance of picking that special location for your bee hive(s).  This is

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