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First Year 8 Frame Hive

First Year 8 Frame Hive



The First Year Hive is designed for the beginner beekeeper.  The First year hive is normally all the wood ware you will need for your first year of beekeeping.  You will receive the following items: (1) solid bottom board, (1) entrance reducer, (1) brood box, (8) Brood box frames & foundation, (2) medium super, (16) super frames & foundation, (1) inner cover, (1) telescopic cover.

All medium and deep hive bodies come with pre-drilled holes for the 6D nails.  This greatly reduces the problem of splitting the wood body.  Hive does not include hammer, glue or 6D nails for unassembled hives.

The hive body is made from White Pine from the New England area. Made in Toccoa, GA. Plywood is from Georgia grown pine.

This comes assembled and unassembled.

You will need to paint the exterior of the hive to seal the wood for long lasting use.

Weight608 oz
Dimensions25 × 19 × 14 in

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UPGRADE - Screen Bottom Board

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