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Carniolan Bee Nuc - Overwintered - SOLD OUT

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Our overwintered Carniolan bee nuc is the highest quality nuc a beekeeper can purchase. “Overwintered” means we begin to grow the nuc in August and will be ready for pick-up on March 5-7, 2020.  An overwintered nuc is a higher quality nuc due to we have been monitoring the queens temperament, laying pattern, and productivity during the six month growing period. The nuc will come with a minimum of 3 frames of brood and 1 – 2 frames of honey & pollen. The frames will be first year frames and foundation. Nuc will be in a Pro Nuc box for easy transportation to their new home.

Cool and wet weather delays can happen that will push the delivery date back for up to two weeks.

We do not ship Nucs due to the damage a nuc will experience during the shipping process.

Weight290 oz
Dimensions12 × 30 × 12 in

March 6 -7, 2020