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Carniolan Bee Nuc - Seasonal

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Our nucs are grown here in Georgia. We start making Seasonal Carniolan nucs in early March. You are assured that the queen has been properly mated and has been monitored for laying patterns, for approx. 5 weeks. You will receive 3 or 4 frames of brood and 1 or 2 frames of honey & pollen. The nuc shipping box is made by Pro Nuc and is included at no extra charge! Please note that Carniolan honey bees are more aggressive than Italian honey bees. Carniolan Nucs are for the experienced beekeeper with 3 years or more of beekeeping experience. Please read this article regarding Carniolan BeesWe DO NOT ship nucs because the honey will get dislodged during shipping. Dislodged honey will kill the colony bees.

Weight290 oz
Dimensions12 × 24 × 12 in

April 10-11, 2020, April 17-18, 2020, April 24-25, 2020