Mountain Sweet Honey

8 Frame Top Feeder

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This a 8 frame feeder size. With the Top Feeder kit you get an assembled wooden rim, heavy duty plastic feeder, a set of corner caps and a center chimney cap Extra Heavy Duty plastic feeder with underside ribs for strength. Made from food grade plastic. This comes in the most popular medium size holding 2.24 gallons. It is a product that stands out from everything else on the market, hence the special corner access system is patented. In the late winter/early spring you may want to feed a heavy syrup (1 gallon of water to 2 gallons of sugar, heated until fully dissolved). This shouldn’t stimulate the queen to lay and with it being in a top feeder she shouldn’t sense too much the sugar coming in. When feeding in this way, use a chimney cap to restrict the bees and prevent them from getting out in the bulk of the liquid.

Weight96 oz
Dimensions21 × 15 × 4 in