Mountain Sweet Honey

4 Frame Manual Extractor

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This 4 frame honey extractor is constructed from rust-proof, heavy-gauge stainless steel and is ideal for a beekeeper with 5 – 10 hives. This easy to use piece of equipment can handle (4) standard deep, medium, or shallow frames. It features clear plastic lids for easy viewing into the tank, which can easily cleaned with warm soapy water. The legs can be bolted to the floor, and drum is raised high enough to slide a 5 gallon bucket under it. The honey gate is 15 inches off the ground or remove the legs for tabletop use. This extractor also features, sealed bearings and steel gears that make spinning nearly effortless, and a very assembly. The stainless steel tank is easy to clean with warm soapy water. 

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Weight1120 oz
Dimensions31 × 28 × 28 in