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8/10 Frame Screen Bottom Board

10 Frame Screen Bottom Board


The 10 frame screen bottom board is used as a mechanical way of reducing Verroa mites. The honey bees will knock off the Verroa mite and then they will fall to the bottom. The white board which is fully removable, allows the beekeeper to pull out the white board and see the small mites and get an accurate mite count. Afterwards, you will clean the white board and re-insert the white board. The screen also allows brood cappings to fall outside of the hive. Additionally, the white board can be removed during the summer months to allow better ventilation of the hive.
You will need to paint the exterior with two coats of paint to properly seal the wood from the elements.
We offer this product assembled.  

Weight400 oz
Dimensions25 × 19 × 13 in