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10 Frame Deep Hive Body

10 Frame Deep Hive Body



The 10 frame deep hive body or brood box is where the queen and her brood reside during the warmer months of the year.  Our 10 frame deep hive body is made from Eastern White Pine from New England.  Our wood is then shipped to Toccoa, GA where it is then manufactured.  White Pine wood allows for extended use time in the apiary versus other woods. The D-handle allows you to have a deep grip when having to move the brood box by hand or with a hive carrier.  The end joints allow better stability and reduce cupping over time.  All nail holes are pre-drilled to reduce the chances of splintering with 6D nails.

You will need to paint the exterior with two coats of paint to properly seal the wood from the elements.

We offer this product in assembled and unassembled.  Assembled products are glued and nailed.  Hive does not include hammer, glue or 6D nails for unassembled hives.


Weight160 oz
Dimensions25 × 19 × 10 in

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