Bees for Sale, Package Bees for Sale, and Beekeeping Supplies in Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford, Connecticut Bees for Sale and Beekeeping Supplies

Bees for Sale and Beekeeping Supplies in Hartford, CT

We are passionate about bees and work daily to bring healthy, chemical-free honeybees and top-quality beekeeping supplies to our Hartford customers.

Hartford is the birthplace of Mark Twain and Tom Sawyer and the Mark Twain House and Museum exists to encourage people to appreciate Mark Twain’s legacy. The house brings people from all over the U.S. to learn about Mark Twain, tour the museum, and attend workshops and classes.

We proudly serve Hartford beekeepers of all levels by supplying them with superior honeybees and a long-line of beekeeping supplies to build or maintain a healthy hive. Mountain Sweet Honey Company has experienced customer service representatives on hand to answer any of your beekeeping questions.

Bees for Sale in Hartford, Connecticut

Mountain Sweet Honey Company prides itself on being the #1 shipper of Italian bee packages on the East Coast and Midwest. We enjoy working work one-on-one with each customer to help them determine exactly what supplies they need to start a hive, maintain a hive, or grow their number of hives. We can also help determine the best ship date for your bees.

Our clients range from experienced to beginner and our professional customer service representatives are accustomed to answering questions and offering advice based on our clients’ needs. We proudly offer Langstroth beehives, which are locally manufactured with premium, American-made wood from New Hampshire. Each part of the hive is manufactured with a focus on value and quality craftsmanship. A Langstroth hive allows beekeepers to utilize the science of beekeeping.

Package Bees for Sale in Hartford, ConnecticutBees for Sale, Package Bees for Sale, and Beekeeping Supplies in Hartford, Connecticut

We grow all our bees in the beautiful northeast Georgia mountains utilizing organic management practices. All our package bees are inspected by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and if being shipped, will have a Georgia Department of Agriculture Health Certificate stapled on the outside of the shipping crate.

We currently have package bees for sale for the 2019 bee season with multiple shipping dates available. We proudly offer Italian honey bees and are skilled at shipping them safely. Each package of bees is handled with great care and will be shipped to your location safely and promptly. Because we value our customers, each package is insured.

Beekeeping Supplies in Hartford, Connecticut

We offer a complete line of beekeeping supplies no matter how advanced your practice. Our beekeeping product line includes hive tools, extractors, and protective clothing which are essential for beekeeping. Our beekeeping supplies also includes 8-frame or 10-frame hive bodies, frames, foundation, screen or solid bottom boards, and telescopic covers. If you’re a beginner, we offer first-year hive kits that have all the necessary equipment for a successful and productive beehive. You can also find bee health items in our shop, including essential oils (tea tree, lemongrass), pollen, mite treatments, and supplements.

Keeping our prices affordable while offering top quality, organic-friendly supplies is important to us. We offer free shipping on orders more than $150. (Select items not included.)


About us

Mountain Sweet Honey Company began with just a few hives and a passion for growing bees. Now, we’re the #1 shipper of honey bees on the East Coast and Midwest. There’s a demand for healthy, chemical-free bees, local honey, and high-quality beekeeping supplies and we decided to meet that demand by growing our hives to more than 100. Over the years our mission has always been to provide our customers with chemical-free bees grown in an organic environment.

We strongly believe in our purpose, which is to help other beekeepers be successful. No matter your level of expertise, our customer service reps are always on hand to help. We contribute our success to our loyal customers, top-notch staff, and our knowledge of beekeeping.

Whether you’re a beginning beekeeper, a professional, or just interested in learning more, contact us today at (706) 886-1322 and our customer service representative will assist you.

We are located at 758 Georgia Highway 184, Toccoa, GA 30577.

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