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Beginning Beekeeper

Want to Start Your Own Bee Hive?

What You Need to Know, and the Beekeeping Supplies You’ll Need, to Become a Successful Beekeeper Honeybees are among the most essential animals in our

Hive Bearding – Video

Why is it so important for your hive to beard on warm Spring and Summer days?  Watch this video for the many forms of bearding.

What is a Honey Bee Swarm?

A “cloud of bees forming a swarm is a spectacular sight.” What happens in a honey bee swarm? When a colony grows to a certain

Beginning Beekeeper

Internal Warmth of a Bee Colony

We just had an unusual snowfall here in Northeast Georgia.  Just a few days prior, the temperatures were in the sixties! This kind of up

Beginning Beekeeper

Your first hive purchase!

The most challenging part of beekeeping, for the beginner, is purchasing your first hive.  You wonder, “What do I need and what do I not

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