Beginning Beekeeper Class – Online


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Now you can have beekeeping lessons, “live” streaming classroom, in the comfort of your home!  Whether you are a new beekeeper or an established beekeeper, this class is designed for you!  Our online beginning beekeeper class is a five week program that meets on Thursday evenings at 7pm to 9pm EST.  First class begins on January 11, 2018.  We do have a 15 minute break each week at the half way point of the class.  Seating is limited.  The class will close out when you see a “SOLD OUT” on this class.

We cover topics such as: Honey Bee types, Hive placement, Hive management, bee science, hive manipulation, selecting a proper fitting bee outfit, putting a hive together, what does each part of the hive do, bee colony traits, and more.  The last class will put our knowledge to work and it will be inspecting a “live” bee hive online.  You will also learn technics that commercial beekeepers you can us in your

The class is designed so that you can communicate questions during the class.  This class is a “live” streaming class.

You will receive a copy of the notes prior to the evening class.

Ray has taught this class for the last 4 years and has received a 100% satisfaction score from each class.