Mountain Sweet Honey

Mesh Hive Bag

$26.00 $19.99

This product is excellent for the following ways to contain your bees without overheating the hive!

Here are some quick examples of what this mesh hive cover can do for you:

  1. Need to move the hive
  2. Need to contain your bees because of a pool party next door
  3. Need to contain your bees because of governmental spraying in your area

The mesh hive bag will easily fit up to 2 Deep & 2 Medium Supers.  The bag can cover up to 48″ in height.  Will fit a 8 frame & 10 frame hive.  Once you have the hive bag in place, simply pul the “pull strings” until the opening is tight against the hive bottom board.  Easy to put on and easy to remove!

Weight14 oz
Dimensions11 × 5 × 5 in

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