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Apiguard® is a natural treatment to control varroa mite populations in honeybee colonies. Tests show that Apiguard also helps to control tracheal mites and chalkbrood.  Once in place, vapor from the Apiguard gel is given off. Unlike some other formulations and raw crystals, the release from the gel works steadily and does not disturb the bees unduly.  Worker bees climb into the Apiguard tray, remove the gel as a hive-cleaning behavior and distribute it throughout the colony. The gel sticks to the bees’ body hairs and, as the bees move through the hive, particles are left throughout the hive. The worker eventually throws out the gel it is carrying, but the traces remain until they too are removed later.  What to know more about Verroa Mites?  Click on this link to know more:

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