• beekeeping education

We offer beginning beekeeper classes three times a year for new beekeepers and to the more experienced beekeeper.  Call our store today for a current list of classes.  Ray is also available to speak at local and state association meetings.




What is a nectar flow?

What is a nectar flow?

Plant nectar is a very important part of our bee’s daily life and the colony. Most plants have a certain...



Beekeeping Basics

How to get started in beekeeping & suggested supplies

1. Join a local beekeepers association
2. Ask to be mentored by an experienced beekeeper
3. Read to learn:
           First Lessons in Beekeeping, Keith Delaplane
          Beekeeping for Dummies, Howlan Blackiston
4. Take a beekeeping class at your local Technical College or a Short Course offered by a local Beekeeping Club
5. Equipment for one 8 frame hive:
        •  1 telescoping cover for 8 frame equipment
        •  1 ventilated inner cover for 8 frame equipment
        •  One 8 frame brood box (deep)
        •  8 frames for the brood box
        •  8 sheets of waxed coated foundation for the brood box frames
        •  Three 8 frame honey supers (medium)
        •  24 frames for the honey supers
        •  24 sheets of waxed coated foundation for the honey super frames
        •  1 screened bottom board for 8 frame equipment
        •  queen excluder, optional
6. Protective clothing:             
         suit or jacket with veil, jeans, gloves
7. Starter Tools:
        •  smoker and a lighter of your choice
        •  hive tool
        •  front entrance feeder or inner hive feeder
        •  bee brush to use when harvesting honey

Best Top Bar Book

We recommend "Top-Bar Hive Beekeeping" by

We have heard Wyatt speak and he is very informative!